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12 Shades, 12 cities, 12 stories


A love letter to New York: a city as tough as the single flower that blooms in Central Park.

This concrete jungle just got a pop of color. The ultimate urban mood booster.


It’s always 72 degrees and sunny in L.A.

Well, those days just got an illuminating boost with this muted pink-orange blend.

For the vacation lovers that are always planning their next vacation, this makes you feel like you’re on your own private island.


We don’t like to play favorites, but we have a thing for the peonies on Primrose Hill.

Sweet, gorgeous, and romantic. Just like you.



It’s a deep red, that's not like the other reds.

This red will show you what it’s made of. And if you let it, it will take you places.

Dramatic, with a touch of sultry. And ready to let loose and have fun.



A classic fuchsia dressed in a black leather jacket.

A touch of elegance with some fun.

For the rebels and the trouble-makers inside all of us.

A member of the Miami Lovers club: artsy, cultured, and ready for some fun.

White sandy beaches, pink sunsets, and luxury hotels, wrapped in a lipstick. The stuff obsessions are made of.

It’s pink, but not as you know it.

This explosion of brightness adds a jolt of life just like the crazy energy of Carnaval – all inhibitions completely gone.  




Namaste in bed. Namaste at the beach. Namaste home with my dog.

For all those yoga-lovers who have been meaning to do yoga, but know that sometimes, it’s just easier to grab a chai.

Because we never met a red we didn’t like.

The safari delivered straight to you.

A strikingly modern blend of red, orange and a tinge of pink lights up your lips like the burning African sky. For the adventurers at heart.


For the creators. The go-getters. And the leaders: a powerful, classic red that screams a woman in charge.





For the world travelers, the jet setters of the world.

An uptown rose plum.

Sophisticated, not soft.


Late nights…outdoor terrace, dinner, wine, music, friends, laughter. Yeah, those late nights.

A blend of empowering sisterly love with a dash of feistiness. More wine. Why not?