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let's kiss, makeup and give...

At Plum & York, we believe makeup is a tool for greater empowerment and confidence, helping to enhance and emphasize the beautiful features you already have.

As a woman-owned company, we look to further women's confidence in any way we can. We use our Company's Kiss, Makeup and Give program, our Days of Joy initiative, and our profits in giving women worldwide a greater voice and opportunity.

We have teamed up with 3 extraordinary charities helping to empower and uplift women and girls. For every product you purchase, you support a woman in need.

Along with our non-profit partners, we're providing basic human needs like food and access to education, and helping women become great leaders. So when you purchase our products, you really are changing the world.

Together, here's how we're improving lives:

Plum & York has teamed up with 3 extraordinary charities helping to empower and uplift women and girls.


the hunger project

There are nearly 1 billion people in this world that don't have enough to eat. We think that is nearly 1 billion too many.

The Hunger Project is an amazing organization with a mission to end hunger and poverty in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia. They do this by empowering women to take leadership roles in their communities and helping them to create and run their own development programs that meet their own basic needs.

We're thrilled to direct a portion of sales each year to support The Hunger Project and help empower women to be leaders of change.

Plum and York and The Hunger Project


Certain things like going to school seem like a given, but millions of girls across the world are still kept from attending school and gaining an education solely because of their gender and economic status.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 28 million girls are out of school. We, together with Camfed, aim to get that number to zero.

We're excited to work with Camfed to help tackle poverty and inequality by supporting girls to go to school and helping them to succeed.

Plum & York and Camfed

dress for success

Inspiring working women is essential to the future of our community and that's exactly what Dress for Success does.

Dress for Success helps promote economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing career development tools and a network of support at no charge to them.

The effect of the work Dress for Success does goes beyond strengthening the women it serves - it strengthens children and families.

Plum & York and Dress for Success